Charlotte’s Blog- Dissertation Research && New Modules

The last few weeks have been exam weeks at Edge Hill, I had my statistics exam on Monday so fingers crossed that has gone OK. Since as though I have been at home for the past couple of weeks I decided to take advantage of this and complete my research for my dissertation project. I mentioned a few months ago that for my dissertation I am investigating the transition experience for children with autism and their parents. So this week I have been meeting with the parents and children and asking them how the transition experience was for them. This has been very interesting and I can’t wait to start writing up the transcripts and going more in depth into what was said.

Next week, I am also starting some new modules in Psychology as in your final year you get to choose which modules you would like to study. Last semester I chose work psychology and this semester I am doing Clinical and Abnormal Psychology and Special Educational Needs. I will let you know how I get on with these when I start them on Wednesday 🙂

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