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Hello again,

The theme of this month’s Think-Mail is ‘The Campus’, and as such, that is the topic of this week’s blog post for each of the Edge Hill Bloggers!

As a Student Assistant, I’ve had the pleasure of living on campus for all three years of my course, giving me a different perspective on the University than those who live off-campus or only live on campus just for their first year.

Firstly, everything you could need is at hand when you’re on campus. From shops, to the gym, via libraries, bars, TV studios and swimming pools. Whether you’re spending the day studying diligently, socialising carelessly, or behaving responsibly, you will find everything you need on-campus.

Working with the Accommodation Team for the last two years, the on-campus subject I’m most able to talk about is the variety of accommodation available at Edge Hill. Ranging between around £55 and £110, you can choose a hall to suit your purpose.

There is a choice between self-catered and meal plan halls, single-sex and integrated, ensuite and shared facilities, rustic charm and ultra-modern; very few Universities offer their students such choice when it comes to Accommodation.

Whatever you’re looking for – Edge Hill can provide!

Yours supportively,
Joey x

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