Faye’s Blog – Time

I always find this time of the year/semester really weird. I feel that because I don’t have any assignments due until January that I don’t really have much to do.



I really need to stop feeling so lazy! And I need to get revising, researching and planning for my exams and assignments! I also need to keep on top of my dissertation! In the long run that will also make my life a lot easier! So this week has consisted of dissertation research and picking my essay questions as well as┬ábeginning┬áto research them. I’ve also emailed one of my tutors to ask for a revision breakdown for an exam that we are going to have in about 4 weeks. Which I’m super nervous for because I really really really hate exams and I just get too nervous when I come to sitting them!

I will give myself a tiny bit of credit though because I have started research for my biggest assignment that is due in on January by beginning to read American Psycho. It’s a 4000 word essay and it’s going to be such hard work, but at least it is started!


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