Charlotte’s Blog- Research Can Begin!

 This week has been a very exciting one as since we started back in October I have been working on starting my dissertation project. On previous blogs I have mentioned the topic area that this is investigating, the primary to secondary school transition with children who have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Parents whose child has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This is a particular interest of mine as I am looking into maybe going into an area of Special Educational Needs when I finish my degree next year. Over the past few months I have had to complete an Ethics Form, Design an information sheet to be sent out to parents and one to be read to the children, think of interview questions for both of the groups and design a participant consent sheet for parents and the children and a parental consent form. This has taken a lot longer than what I expected, but finally this week it was signed off 🙂 Meaning that I can begin my research, the letters have now been sent out to parents and I am very much looking forward to beginning this research as soon as possible. I will keep you updated with how this goes!

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