Joey’s Blog – Life is a Cabaret!

Hello again,

After my module on musical theatre (which you can read more about in previous posts!), I moved onto the subject I’ve most been looking forward to for this year: DRA3076 – Contemporary Popular Theatres. A short course, it focuses on stand-up comedy, street theatre, clowning and, my personal favourite, cabaret!

This is another one of those ‘throw yourself in and see what you can come up with’ modules, and so far, I’ve tried my hand at stand-up, musical comedy, and even whistling – not exactly what you’d expect to be studying at University, is it?

Every course is different, every University has a different outlook, and the overall experience at each is a world apart from what you’d find anywhere else. So, think carefully about what and where you choose to study for the next few years – it’s not just a cabaret!

Yours comically,
Joey x

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