Alex’s Blog – JAE Day

Edge Hill’s department of Sport and Physical Activity today hosted its seventh JAE (Junior Athlete Education) Day, an event that aims to give young sporting talent from local schools the best chance of future success. It  also allows students to gain great practical experience to aid their future professional development.

As explained by Senior Lecturer, Sarah Pinder, “The event brings together a large selection of pupils from local high schools and aims to educate them about the importance of getting a balanced lifestyle, informing them about how to reach their full potential, both academically and within their particular sport.”

As I was involved today, I helped to teach pupils about the importance of lifestyle factors, such as training correctly, injury prevention and diet. We also set up a workshop on smoothie making with both a dragon’s den twist and bushtucker challenge! We also set up a variety of challenges to test certain components of fitness such as the reaction time and co-ordination of the pupils.

The JAE Day is just one example of Edge Hill’s continued sporting links with local schools. Another recent initiative included a primary school health week, where students took the lead in delivering theory and practical sessions all day, every day, for a full week.

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