Food For Thought… QR Sushi and Braille Burgers!

Quite literally! So this October has seen the first ever QR code written in Sushi… Those of you who aren’t familiar with QR codes, they are a specific barcode which is read by Smart Phones and direct you to something (often using the Internet.) For example you can be linked directly to a Brand’s Website by scanning the code used in their advert.

The last two years have seen a boost in the use of QR codes in some of the most clever and effective ways – below are some photos…

And here is a video about the QR Code Sushi – amazing isn’t it?


Another fabulous campaign which I have only just seen (despite it being made a few months back) is the Wimpy Burger Campaign. It is so brilliant, the fact that it is so personalised, special and helpful. Anybody who knows anybody with sight impairments will understand the value this campaign and having braille menus will have on people. The impact of this campaign, as said in the video, is phenomenal.

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