Elisha’s blog- Student rep

As it’s the beginning of a new academic year; it’s the time when students have the opportunity to put themselves forward as Student reps. A Student rep’s job is to talk to students and find out their views and solve any issues they may have. They then get the chance to feed this back to staff during regular meetings. It’s a very important role as it helps to improve the experience of courses within the University, and it gets the students voices heard!

Each course normally has 2 Student reps in each year; and I have decided to put myself forward for it. I think it would be a really beneficial and enjoyable role to have, and a great way to get involved… I just have to keep my fingers crossed that my fellow ┬ástudents vote for me (if any of you are reading this PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!) … wish me luck ­čÖé


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