Firm & Insurance Decision Deadline

For many, making the final decision on UCAS of which universities are going to be your firm and insurance places is a difficult task. For some, it’s easy peasy. Others fall somewhere in between.

When I first began to look at my options for university, course content was one of the biggest aspects – I wanted to find just the right course that featured just the right modules. The BSc biology course had exactly what I was looking for – a mix of genetics and conservation – instantly making it one of a few in my shortlist. Looking back, I might’ve put less importance on the individual modules, and more on the general areas of the course – modules can change and so can your own interests and career aspirations. I switched from Biology over to Ecology & Conservation, before quickly changing to Genetics before 2nd year began.

There was another reason why Edge Hill was my firm choice, however. After attending an open day, I fell in love with the campus and felt a sense of familiarity from Ormskirk. After already strongly considering Edge Hill University, the open day cemented it in my mind that Edge Hill would be one of my two choices. Not only did the campus feel right, but the biosciences department also fulfilled my expectations – the facilities were clean and modern, and the welcome talk was… well, welcoming! Maybe you didn’t attend an open day but instead made it along to an applicant visit day? Although I didn’t make it to an applicant visit day when I was applying, I did help the biology department during one last year, so know that they are worth going to if you’re unsure in this decision.


The Biosciences building at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk campus.

These factors combined with the realistic entry requirements pulled me towards choosing Edge Hill University as my firm place. If you have received all your offers by the 31st March, then May 4th will be the date that you need to make this decision by.

Film and Television Production | Make your Dream TV Show a Reality!

This week I filmed my final university production, which was a television show called Animal Earth. I mentioned this production a couple of blog posts ago, but here we are studio filming now complete. This production has been a labour of love and I am so proud looking back on it now! I was director from day one with this project when I first came up with the concept and seeing it grow into what it is now, feels amazing. So today’s blog post is all about how to make the best television production you can!

Plan every second. You can’t just show up on the day and hope for the best, 90% of your show’s planning takes place outside the studio. So buckle down, start a Google Drive and work through all the paperwork that has your name on it.   

This is an important one which many people don’t realise which is money isn’t everything. You can make amazing sets on a shoestring budget as long as you’re savvy enough with your money. I wrote a post all about props buying last week which I will link here if you wish to find out more. Most of our props were bought and sourced from Poundland, B&M, crew members houses, donated to us, or were already in the props cupboard. Overall, our set cost £130, which is very cheap for a set on this scale. We were able to keep the cost low by sourcing props ourselves, and reusing whatever we could get our hands on. Additionally, we contacted a local shop which donated over £50 worth of stock for one of our segments.   

Make sure that you and your group always turn up for studio rehearsals, especially if you have never done any studio work before. Making a tv show VS making a film is completely different, which is why you need all the practice you can get.

Don’t be afraid to be ambitious. If you want to do a niche show that requires loads of guests, experts and possibly children and animals (the taboos of live television), then go for it! Sometimes you’ve got to take that leap or you’ll never know how good it could have been. 

Always remember to respect every role, as every role matters. From director to camera operator to vision mixer to autocue, every job is needed, so everyone should be respected for that.  

Push yourself. When you feel like giving up, keep going. When you feel like you’re not doing well in your role, work harder. Whatever you do don’t give up. Give yourself a break when needed, then get straight back to working afterwards.

And finally, when you feel like giving up remember to keep going for yourself and those who didn’t believe you could do it. Prove to yourself that you’ve got what to takes, and prove to those who didn’t think you could that they were wrong. Don’t argue or fight people who doubt you, instead work hard, you’ll be glad that you did as it feels so much better.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it a bit useful for your future productions. Just remember, to keep moving forward and never give up. Thanks for reading.
Until next time!

Film/Show of the day: Matilda (1996)

Plants, Shows, and Skates

Shortly after returning from Boston, I took a trip to Garfield Park Conservatory. The conservatory hosts a number of rooms, each with a different theme – the front room is home to palms, the centre room to ferns, and another to aroids. The show room at the time of my visit was featuring the Spring Flower Show, “Hashtag No Filter”. Next up on the list is the Chicago Botanic Garden, hopefully, I’ll make it up there in time for their orchid show.

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Also towards the end of February, I saw a reading for a play called Eleanor Absolute, which is based on true events and tells the story of a journalist, Lorena Hickok, and her romantic relationship with Eleanor Roosevelt – whilst questioning who gets to decide on a person’s legacy. The play was written by someone I met earlier this year, Hannah Verdon.

In early March, I went to another show, this one with Molly, who drove up for the weekend. This show was called The Infinite Wrench and was by a group called the Neo-Futurists. The show is an hour long and the aim is to perform 30 short plays, with interrupting “wrenches” that add a new dimension or obstruction to the performance. Some plays were silly and short, others were longer and heartfelt, Molly was even chosen to dance in one of the shows. It was worth enduring the cold for as we queue to get in (we arrived far too early).

The following day, Diana and I made it down to Maggie Daley Park on the final day of ice-skating on their rink. Having not skated in years, and never being proficient at it anyway, I think I faired fairly well by simply not falling over. Diana pointed out that it was easier to skate with speed and, although far more nerve-wracking, she was right – we picked up a decent pace as we made a few loops around the ribbon. Our time on the rink was cut short by the Zamboni, but it was a nice day out and the park was nice to walk around.

I mentioned in a previous post about the Student Union elections that I was running for a part-time officer position. Sadly, I did not win the election, but the elected officer has a good team to work with and I’m sure the position is in capable hands. I did, however, win the Sandwich Placement award at Edge Hill University Careers Award Evening! Although I couldn’t make it to the Evening itself, my personal tutor, Paul Ashton, collected the award on my behalf and a video of the announcement was sent to me, very kindly, by the Careers Team.

Great Places to Study on Campus

Hey all, I hope you are well!

At University, sometimes studying in your room can be a little bit distracting. Netflix is only a click away, your bed becomes a burrito cave of comfort… it can be really hard to study in your room. Occasionally, I can get some work done at my house, however, I often find it a lot easier to focus at Uni. There are a few reasons for this, the main one being that as well as there being less distractions, the resources I need to study are all there right next to me!

There are many different places on campus that are great to study, so I thought I’d give you some info on just where you can do this!

The Edge Hill Library

The Edge Hill Library is my all time favourite and most productive place in which I can study! The library has all the books you could possibly need for research and essays, computers for if you don’t have a laptop with you, tables to work at and also study rooms in which you can book. Not only can you book independent study rooms, but also you can book group rooms for if you are doing a group project and need a more isolated environment!

The Edge Hill library also has a help desk, so if you ever need help finding resources, or need help due to learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, that’s the best place to go. They even do screenings for Dyslexia if you’re unsure whether or not you have it.

They are currently in the process of building a brand new library for the students, which is going to be even bigger and better! So you’ve got this to look forward to if you apply to come to Edge Hill University!

Hale Hall

Hale Hall is situated within the Hub in the centre of campus. It is open for anyone to come and enjoy some time and sit and relax, but is also an amazing place to study! It’s not that often that it gets noisy, and the environment is generally nice and relaxed, so if you wanted to study it’s not a very distracting place to do so, making it perfect. Plus, it gets you out of your room and also the sofas are actually really comfy (if I do say so myself!).

The LINC Building

The LINC building has 90 open access PCs for use of students, and also printing facilities in case you need to print anything out such as coursework. If you’re writing an essay, or want to write up some research you’ve done, it’s always great to use the LINC building’s facilities!

At times, it can be busy, especially around deadline/exam time, however, it always has a good environment and the students are always respectful of each others’ study time, so there are very little distractions here!

So those are just a few of the places in which you can study without the distractions that come with studying in your room! I find that when I’m in the mind frame in which I’m easy to distract, or if I am a little lost in where to go with my studying, I like to use these places to get back on track with certain assignments and I find it really helps to get out of my room.

Module choices

Hello everyone!

It’s that time of year again where it’s module choice week! It is really important that you don’t forget to pick your modules for next year. If you are starting your first year, once you have enrolled online after results day, you will be able to choose your modules at a later date closer to when you join us at Edge Hill.

Don’t forget that the deadline for module choice is 23rd March 2018 which is only two days away so if you haven’t already chosen then make sure you do!

When picking your modules, your department will probably upload a timetable with all your modules placed on it in order for you to pick the modules that you want to do without them clashing.

Optional modules are really good for you being able to study something that you are really passionate about, a lot of courses are really good for allowing a lot of variety when it comes to your optional modules so there is definitely something for everybody. You can also find out how they are assessed so if you would rather to practical assessment to coursework then this is definitely something to consider

So once you have picked your modules and it adds up to the compulsory specified 120 credits, you need to arrange a meeting with your personal tutor. This is so that they can check your choices and confirm that they are the right ones for you and there is no clashes.

If you have any questions about modules on your course then make sure to get in touch with your department or personal tutor.

Ellie 🙂

Edge Hill University Applicant Days – Seeing is believing

Edge Hill University applicant visit days are the reason that I am here today, blogging for this fantastic university. In February 2017 I made the trek across the sea to see what all the fuss was with Edge Hill. I did it mainly to meet a few friends of mine who were starting the university in September, and I honestly had no plans to move away from home and start a new life here in Ormskirk. That all changed on my applicant visit day. I want you to experience the same feeling I did when I first saw the campus and realized that I wanted to be here for the next 3 years. Here are three reasons why you should get on campus.

Image result for applicant day edge hill1. Experience the campus

The campus at EHU is one of the most beautiful in the country. Just seeing the modern buildings, scattered lakes and amazing views are just some of the sights to take in. I guarantee you will not find another university in the country as beautiful as EHU.

Image result for applicant day edge hill2. Get a look at your course

Getting to have a look at your course and meet your tutors will get you excited for university in general. But heading into what could be your classes next year will do the same, but for EHU. Every tutor is friendly and there to help you. Meeting them face to face is a great opportunity.

Related image3. Meet some of your new friends

I arrived on campus knowing nobody apart from one person I had met online. When I left the applicant day I had 30+ new facebook friends. The applicant day will show you just how many legends like yourself are on the way to EHU in the new year.

That’s all from me, but if you want to find out more about Edge Hill Applicant or Open days and how you might get involved in hosting them when you attend the university check out their amazing website here!

And if you want more free and great information email or leave a comment below and I will get back to you. If you want to suggest something to write about or want to be interviewed leave a comment below also and I will get back to you personally!

Celebrating a Birthday at Edge Hill

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all staying warm/enjoying your easter break!

As it is 2 of my house mates birthdays in the month of March, I thought I’d talk about how you can celebrate yours or a friend’s here at Edge Hill! Some people may feel homesick when thinking of family on your birthday – but once you celebrate it with your friends  you might feel a lot better (like I did!).

You can have a big day out in wonderful places like Liverpool and Southport. For my birthday in October, my friends and I went for a spa day. Liverpool has one of my ultimate favourite places to visit, the Albert Docks. This is packed with great museums and galleries (The Tate, The Maritime Museum and The Beatles Story are some examples), as well as different restaurants on the waterfront.

If you don’t fancy going too far out for your birthday, there are many lovely places to eat out in Ormskirk’s town centre. When we plan to surprise our friends on their birthdays, we do small things to make it a little more personal. We make posters to decorate the house (we’re primary ed students…) and sometimes cook a big meal / bake a cake. We recently went with a Chinese themed picnic, and used confetti poppers that took about 2 days to clean up… I’m still finding them in my shoes.

Edge Hill University often put on events on campus, like karaoke, free films, the SU quiz etc. These are great places to meet up with friends from your seminars and meet new people! The SU is always a friendly and lively place to be. Karaoke is probably my personal favourite because everyone is willing to give it a go! And don’t worry, it is expected that most people won’t sound like a pro…

I hope this shows how much you can do on your birthday, whether it is local or a bit further out! I have definitely had 2 wonderful birthdays at Edge Hill and I am looking forward to the 3rd! Feel free to comment or ask any questions!

Thanks for reading, Anna 🙂

Fun on a Budget

Hey all, I hope you’re having a good day and your March is going well!

As a University student, it’s always nice to kick back and have some fun in your spare time and have a break from studying and the student life. There are the obvious culprits; going to see a movie, bowling, going for a nice meal out, things like that. But if you do these things quite often, they can become expensive, and on a student’s budget, that can be an issue.

It’s certainly been an issue for me, especially as I am paying more towards accommodation this year than I was last year, so the last couple of months I’ve been trying to find alternative things to do that don’t make my wallet cry! And I’ve found some really awesome things to do!

Pub Quizzes and Games

I’ve recently started going to 3 different game nights at pubs a week. On Tuesdays, Mylo & Co do a variety of games and quizzes, all free of charge! These games include Rock N Roll Bingo, a general knowledge quiz and Deal or No Deal, which has the biggest prize of all; a bar tab (usually about £50)! This is usually followed by karaoke, which is a laugh!

On Thursdays there are two different quizzes. In the Golden Lion there’s a variety of games such as Play Your Cards Right, Bingo and Chicken Chucking, in which you chuck rubber chickens into a bucket in order to win chicken soup. This challenge is free, but you only have to pay £1 to play the others, and the money goes towards the Bingo jackpot! They also end the night with karaoke.

Also on Thursdays, Styles get the same company who do the Mylo & Co night to put on games, also free of charge. I’ve seen the Styles bar tab for winning Deal or No Deal actually go up to £200!


Styles also have an upstairs area in which you can go and dance free of entry on Fridays and Saturdays, so if you’re a fan of dancing but don’t want to have to pay entry fees, it’s a good way to party on a budget!

If you wanted to go into Liverpool for clubbing, there are places that have reasonably cheap entry or drinks. I used to spend a lot of money on entry or expensive drinks, however, this has recently changed.

I usually start my night in a pub named Poste House, which is just by Moorfields station. As it is a pub, it is free entry, and the drinks are at great prices, so it’s perfect for a quiet drink before you go out!

There are also a lot of nightclubs that do special entry on certain days. An example of this is GBar– also near Moorfields- which has free entry on both Thursdays and Sundays, and even host a special day rave called Fruit Sundae occasionally which is also free entry! There is also Heaven, which has free entry on both Fridays and Saturdays. Krazyhouse, which is closer towards the centre of Liverpool, also hold some events, such as the events for St Patrick’s Day and Easter that are coming up, which have free entry and cheap drinks! So you can go clubbing on a budget, just make sure you keep some money aside for trains or taxis!

Local Events in Ormskirk

Ormskirk has a lovely park called Coronation Park which sometimes does family fun fair type events. They do this at Halloween, and have a horror walk through the trees at the back, and also do this during the Summer and other holidays. It’s always fun to just decide to go to these with a few friends, go on a couple of the rides and get some candy floss, and it’s also not too expensive!

So those are just a few ways you can enjoy your free time on a budget! If you have any questions about anything in particular just drop them in the comments below!

SU Election Interviews – Kate Vickers (Women’s Officer)

So, this is the follow-on from Project Open Door. Now that the elections are over, I have begun to interview each of the “new officers” (they won’t officially enter office until July) so that you get to see who will be your representatives next academic year!

First in this interview is Kate, who ran for Women’s officer this year! The full interview is below!

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Film and Television Production: Prop Hunting Tips!

One of the number one problems when making a production while you’re a student is being able to find good, accurate, cheap within budget props. Which is the issue I shall be tackling today in this blog post as I use my own experience to help you find the best props which are still in budget.

The first place you should go to find props, may not surprise you, is your house. Student homes have an array of prop opportunities, from a big ugly rug you never use but your film character would, to an ironing board for a character’s daily routine. Sourcing props from your own house is a cheap and effective way of keeping your film budget low!

Next place I would go for free props are two on-campus sources that you may not even know of yet, or never knew you could use as a source of props. These two places are the on-campus scene dock in the television studio and the drama props cupboard. The scene dock have many useful props for tv shows, but also some that can be used for film productions, so it’s always worth asking the technicians if you can borrow something. Additionally, the drama room’s prop cupboard, located in the art centre, is a great place to find both costumes and other set pieces! 

If you still can’t find everything you need from those places, it’s time to head down to your local charity shops for some interesting bargains. Charity shops are a treasure trove of miscellaneous items which work amazingly in production. For example, for my 3rd-year film production, we had a room with boring white walls, so we went to the charity shop and found a roll of yellow Laura Ashley wallpaper, which works with our script and amazingly as a feature wall.

If you’re still having no luck check out Poundland and other cheaper shops.  Poundland have a huge homeware section which is perfect for prop buying. For one of my production I purchased, pillows photo frames, fake flowers, and kitchen items from there. Poundland is a great prop resource which you should check out! 

Finally, if you still haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for Amazon or eBay may be the answer for your problem. If you’re ordering online, remember to check where the item(s) you’re buying are coming from as if it’s coming from somewhere like China, for example, the item will take weeks or even months to arrive, which is not ideal.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it a bit useful in finding your production’s prop. Just remember it’s not about how much you spend, all that matters is how good it looks on camera. Thanks for reading.
Until next time!

Film/Show of the day: Derren Brown: Miracles for Sale (2011)