Embedding online videos in PowerPoint 2013

Since its release embedding online videos from sources such as YouTube have been problematic in PowerPoint 2013. This can be achieved by enabling the developer tab and using embedded flash objects to insert the link to a YouTube video however this workaround doesn’t address the fact that the insert online video tab doesn’t work in the way PowerPoint 2013 users would expect.

This issue has now been addressed in the recent April 2014 updates, using the insert online video tab now shows additional source options including YouTube video however, Office 2013 updates kb2837627 and kb2817636 are required for this feature to work correctly.


These updates have been included within the Edge Hill University managed software update schedule and the Majority of the estate has already been updated so customers should now find this feature available to them.


If this feature isn’t working for you please remember to allow the scheduled Windows Updates to complete as this important task not only resolves any possible security issues but also adds or update features within your Microsoft products.

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  1. Bob Langley says:

    Thanks for this – we get asked about this quite often on the library helpdesks and this is so much easier than the workaround we’ve had to use to date.

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