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Dropbox Space Race – 2 weeks left to get 8GB of free storage!

I wanted to post a quick reminder that we still have 2 weeks left to register for the Dropbox space race. With the current numbers we have, any new Student or Staff registrations on the site will get a massive … Continue reading

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Dropbox Space Race – Even more free storage for Students and Staff

Cloud based storage is a very up and coming subject. There are quite a few flavours around including offerings from some of the big IT players such as Microsoft Skydrive and Google Drive. Personally I’ve always used Dropbox as I’ve … Continue reading

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Profile pictures in Office 365

I’m very much hoping to write a series of posts on our current office 365 project. I could start from the top and show each phase but I figure it’s better just to jump in at the deep end and … Continue reading

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