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On almost a daily basis we get reports of users who’ve found an email detailing a vast inheritance from distant wealthy uncle in Nigeria or a parcel which they didn’t order but is waiting for them; readily accessible with just a few minor details printed on their credit card!

As modern systems improve to filter these messages out of the continual stream of emails, unfortunately also the exploiters’ techniques become more advanced. This battle results in an “apparent” static change of spam, although over the past several years the numbers of spam messages have grown beyond belief.

Obviously there are certain things that can be checked for, such as viruses, Trojans, even dubious links are fairly easily recognisable for a sophisticated filter. But when you are looking for advanced phishing attacks and subtle ways to lure users into a trap, it can be incredibly difficult to detect. Don’t forget, if you block emails (even if it is just one!) which may have been genuine, the entire email system – and business – might suffer the consequences.

To give you some context:

In the last 24 hours we’ve had a total of 401,179 emails arrive from external sources to our domain.

Of which only 9,792 are genuine! That’s roughly ~3%.
That’s a huge 397,387 or ~97% ratio of “bad” emails!

When you look at these numbers you can understand that a couple might slip through the net.

Having said all that; we’re constantly working with our suppliers to offer the very best service possible and ensure you aren’t left with a bad taste in your mouth.

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