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If you’re a member of staff then you likely received an email this week telling you that IT Services have just implemented the Eduroam wireless service. We’ve been working with Network Services (who did 99.9% of the work to implement this) but seeing as they don’t have a blog I thought it would be interesting to talk a little about this new service.

Eduroam (short for EDUcation ROAMing) is an international wireless roaming service for education users. The concept is based on a large number of education institutions all sharing a common wireless SSID and allowing users to authenticate back to their home institution from any of the participating sites. The authentication is based on a series of RADIUS servers hosted at each participating site and by central providers such as JANET.

Now all that stuff is very exciting for us but what does it mean for an end user? Well the basic concept is that you can go to any eduroam partner site and use their wireless internet connection by signing in with your Edge Hill username and password. This also applies the other way around where staff or students from other eduroam institutions who are visiting our site can sign in and use our wireless points. The only thing to remember when using the service is that you need to identify your institution as part of the sign-in, this is done by appending it to your username, so for example I would use as my username with the part identifying where eduroam should look to authenticate me. It’s important to remember that this is not necessarily your email address, just your username with on the end.

If you are going to be visting another university and want to know if they support eduroam you can find information from a few places including or IT Services also have some information on our pages here: You can also look out for the eduroam logo:

An important point to remember is that your authentication is always the responsibility of your home institution, so if you are from Edge Hill and have a problem with logging in you would contact the IT Service Desk as usual. This also means that any visitors having problems should speak to their institutions in the first instance too.

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  1. Jenny Jordan says:


    Don’t forget the eduroam companion app are available from iTunes and the Android Marketplace. Windows mobile users … we are still waiting for our app!

    It locates your nearest eduroam service provider.

  2. Neil Dixon says:

    Impressive stuff!!

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