It’s finished !!

Hand over day finally arrived and IT Services have taken control of the new data centre. It has taken a lot of planning and a lot of work from consultants, contractors and sub-contractors but the new data centre is finally finished. On Saturday 24th the Core Services team moved the first ‘live’ servers into the room, and over the next few weeks we will be moving a lot more servers across. It will be around 4 weeks before the data centre is fully operational.

This is what the data centre looked like on the 22nd July 2010

Through the sliding door is the ‘contained cold aisle’ (I’ll explain what that is another day but it looks like this)
The room has all the features of a modern data centre; strengthened false floor, fire detection and suppression, fault tolerant mains power feeds, remote control power feeds to the servers, fault tolerant air conditioning, environmental monitoring, fault tolerant battery back up and a generator backup. There’s more about the design of the room to come, but I need to find a decent diagram somewhere to explain the concepts because my efforts to draw one have so far been rubbish.

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