Sunray Education Desktop Community Forum 2009

Perihelion – The point in its orbit where a planet is closest to the Sun ā€“ occurs for Earth in January. By coincidence, January also saw the gathering of Sun Microsystems and the education community to discuss the present and future of Sunray Systems.

An excellent day to meet, greet and exchange ideas, methods and plans for Sunrays across a range of educational establishments, Sun engineers and resellers.

Moreover it was enlightening to hear where Sun Microsystems are planning to take Sunrays in the future, bugs which are being fixed and functionality to be added.

Given the responses from peers in the community, there is no denying the movement towards the use of Sunrays and SGD.

By no means are we the first or largest implementation of Sunrays, but we do seem to have a fairly unique setup and really are trying to get the most out of our systems. It is humbling to see and hear the feedback and acknowledgement of content of this blog, and Iā€™m pleased that it is being used as a resource for information across the world.

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