SunRay Update 7

Although the Java menu seemed like a good option, when we ran the figures, it seemed the overhead really was a little excessive when one considers that no extra functionality was provided; only some smoother edges.

These figures were taken from a sample and represent estimates.

The Tcl menu (menu displayed, not connected to windows): 30Mb.
The Tcl menu (menu is still active in background, user connected to windows): 45Mb.

The Java menu (menu displayed, not connected to windows): 70Mb.
The Java menu (menu is still active in background, user connected to windows): 90Mb.

We can reduce the Java overhead by roughly 20Mb if we remove the Java window manager, this will reduce the functionality of the JFrame, but it is a worthy sacrifice for the memory we save.

That brings our new totals for the Java menu to 50Mb (not logged in) and 70Mb (logged in).

So assuming we have removed the Java windows manager, the difference between the menus is roughly 25Mb per user. This means for every two users on the Java menu, we could have three users on the Tcl menu.

Let us take a crude example of a sun server with 16Gb RAM; 350 Tcl users or 230 Java users (Not these figures are theoretical and using 100% of the memory). Thus I would make another sweeping estimate and for a stable system, divide these totals in half. Giving us a final total of 175 Tcl users or 115 Java users: that is 60 extra users on the Tcl menu!

So what is the conclusion? It depends on your setup, priorities and of course budget. Does a slightly more stylish menu warrant the memory overhead? In most cases I would assume the reason why Sunrays are being used in the first place, is to cut costs and deploy in a large scale environment, so unfortunately attractiveness will be an afterthought.

With functionality, efficiency and capacity being paramount; I decided on Tcl.

…for the moment…

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