SunRay Update 5

With the new release of the menu, the requirement specification needed functionality in place which would allow administration of the sunray users from the web management interface.

We have several types of user each requiring a custom Windows kiosk session.
Previously to specify where a particular sunray unit should connect, we were setting the individual firmware on each device.
This allowed us to direct units towards specific servers, however since we have consolidated our sunray server cluster, all the units will be connecting to our sunray cluster regardless of which Windows session is required.

Now the administrator only needs to enter a predefined string into the “Other Information” section in the web interface.

The shell script will read what has been entered into this field before loading the Tcl menu

TOKENRIGHTS=`/opt/SUNWut/sbin/utuser -o|grep $SUN_SUNRAY_TOKEN|cut -d ',' -f 5`
/usr/openwin/bin/xsetroot -solid "#36566c"
/usr/local/solaris-sparc/bin/wish8.5 </opt/SUNWutMenu/menu.tcl

“&lt” is a less than symbol (pointing right) “>”.

This value can then easily be validated and matched against a rule set to ensure the user is sent to the right place given their kiosk access within the Tcl script. We import the environment variable and then perform any logical operations on the value we desire.

if {$SECURE=="student"} {set HOST $IPAddress1
} elseif {$SECURE=="staff"} {set HOST $IPAddress2
} else {set HOST $IPAddress3}
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