Sunray Update 3

Each PC (including TFT monitor) consumes 105 W.
Each sunray (including TFT monitor) consumes 41 W.
Each sunray server consumes 242 W.

Thus on a bases of 500 sunray DTU’s = 20500 W.
Compared to 500 individual PC’s using a total of 52500 W.

This is a difference of 32000 W; 32kW.

The average workstation is used 37 hours a week, 148 hours a month.

Per month:
PC total consumption – 7770 kW
Sunray total consumption – 3500 kW
Difference – 4270 kW

That is saving 1.84 tonnes of carbon emissions and roughly £500 of electricity saved every month, resulting in a total of 22 tonnes carbon emissions and £6000 a year in electricity savings alone!

Sound impressive? Well it doesn’t stop there. By design every single sunray DTU will automatically shutdown to a standby state in 10 minutes, in this state they run at less than 1W.

Most PC’s will by default display a screensaver on the monitor and continue to run all the normal computer operations (Cpu, fans etc) consuming 85 Watts. This period of inactiveness (we will estimate) is 131 hours a week and roughly 600 hours a month coming to a total of 25kW/h and £2000 a month; 300kW and £24000 a year completely wasted! I should clarify this is on the assumption that every PC in our sample is left on.

Thus with a sunray setup compared to individual PC’s supplying 500 users, regarding electricity alone you can expect a saving between £6000 and £30000 depending on the number of PC’s turned off when not in use.

Therefore combining these figures, on our estimated daily and nightly rate, let us assume 50% of your PC’s are turned off during non-work hours, you’ll save roughly £18000 a year and sleep better at night knowing you help to make the world a greener place.

With this extra saving, why not consider reinvesting your savings in some solar panels, cutting your electricity bills to zero!

So what does this mean for your organisation? Whether you are aiming to achieve a environmentally friendly status, clear you conscience, capitalise on eco-marketing or just save a pile of cash, come away from this post with two gems of advice: Sunrays and thin clients are becoming even more cost effective in our current economy and most importantly, whoever you are, TURN YOUR PC’s OFF!

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2 Responses to Sunray Update 3

  1. Al the Tog says:

    Are all these DTUs really in use 12 months of the year? Including Christmas and the summer vacation? Or maybe your students forego their hols 🙂

    Even so, it’s quite a substantial saving, so well done EHU

  2. Adam says:

    Ah, but the point is they aren’t being used! 🙂

    You will be suprised to find how many PC’s are left on over night and vacation periods, including 24Hour-Open-Access PC’s which as you might expect are on all day every day.

    It only takes 1 PC to be left on (accidently or not) to counter the power usage of 85 sunrays. Consider the deployment of sunrays to all open access, student rooms and staff workstations – only 6 PC’s left on would use more power than 500 sunrays!

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