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Well it’s about time I wrote another post .

I was recently out and about in a very wet Manchester at a Janet Training course

The Course was a Introduction to DNS course

A brief introduction about the course from Janet was, ‚Äúthat every time someone uses JANET or the commercial Internet they make use of DNS. DNS handles the mapping between the users’ requests and internet addresses. The main objective of this course is to provide a basic understanding of DNS principles and theory. Some of the key technical implementations will be reviewed in the context of a Windows 2003 DNS interface but the priority of the course is to provide delegates with a sound background in DNS principles.”

Apart from the course what I found particulary interesting was the pre and post course web site EdLab:

Edlab is a Online Collaboration support and learning website that registered delegates get access to along with the new pre-course support area.
It gives you details of what to expect from the day which I found useful , along with pre and post pre-course resources , also it gives you information such as ‘Meet the Trainer’ a section which provides you with a introduction to the course trainer (and a picture), which came in particularly useful for such a small group of delegates as I was in!

It also has a section on the exercises you do in the course and the course materials so you can go over the course again in you own time

Edlab also provides you with a discussion area so you can talk to other delegates after the course and get their views.

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