Sunray Update 2

What is new?

• A new streamlined menu; users can now input username and password on initial screen.

• Improved performance of system, meaning everything should run smoother.

• Sessions will now be managed more efficiently. If there is ever a network problem or power cut all sunray users should get their session back and be able to continue without any major disruption.

• Due to the session management, users can effectively “hot desk”, allowing you to access your live session from any sunray!

• The servers have been installed and configured to enhance server and session stability.

• Faster servers have been purchased to increase speed and reliability.

• Fixed the issue where typed characters were delayed slightly before being displayed on the screen.

• Fixed the issue where certain keys were not working properly (eg. print screen button).

What is happening?

Once you enter your credentials and click the login button (or press enter), the system automatically finds one of our servers where you can begin your work.

This choice is not random; instead it is based on the available resources on each server (called “Windows Terminal Servers” – or “TS”) assuming you don’t already have an active session.

If you were already logged in on a different sunray or SRD (Sunray Remote Desktop), you will retrieve all your work you previously had open!

All the processing is done by a controlled, optimised and managed server; providing enhanced speed, security and reliability. This is massively more efficient than the sporadic utilisation of individual PC resources.

What does it look like?

Why use a Sunray?

• They are silent and produce little heat.

• The sunray takes up very little room on your desk.

• There is almost no way you can accidently damage the sunray (within reason!).

• If your sunray is stolen, your data is safe as there is no data stored locally on the sunray.

• Your sunray will never need to be formatted and reinstalled like a PC.

• If there is a hardware failure with the sunray, you won’t lose any work.

• If there is a hardware failure with the sunray, it can easily be replaced and won’t need you to change any settings.

• There is almost no way you can damage the software applications you use (applications, not the saved files).

• You cannot accidently install programs such as spyware without your knowledge.

• The system saves energy for the university, is ‘greener’ and reduces our carbon footprint – better for the planet.

Tips and Tricks

You can easily see which server you are working on by looking at the symbol on your desktop which normally says “My Computer”, but will now say “ on TS#” (where the # is a number).

If you are experiencing strange behaviour from your sunray (keyboard or mouse issues) try pressing Ctrl – Moon (top right key). This is power cycle your sunray DTU without affecting your current session.

If you are visually impaired (or just like big icons) you can set your DTU to remember your settings. All you need to do is make sure the login menu is being displayed (log out if you are logged in) and select “Preferences” – then choose whichever option you require. High – small icons and clearer resolution; Medium – medium icons and medium resolution; Low – large icons and lower resolution. Once you have made your choice the menu will automatically power cycle itself and change your desired setting. Now log in as per normal.

You will be able to “hot-desk” – allowing for you to log in at one workstation, go elsewhere and log in somewhere else with exactly the same screen as you had before.

What is next?

We are still working closely with Sun Microsystems to:

Develop this system for improved media viewing performance
Enhance the USB functionality.
Advance functionality.
Improve stability.

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