Elonex Update

A few people have shown repeated interest in the Elonex laptops I blogged about earlier on in the year. I’m dissapointed to say that today I cancelled my order and requested a refund. Despite placing a deposit on two Elonex laptops at the start of March and paying for the laptops on 11th July, Elonex are still unable to deliver the laptops almost 2 months after I paid for them and almost 6 months after I put the deposit down. I’ve been quite dissapointed by Elonex and every email promise of delivery was broken. I’m not sure where this leaves the ‘vision of the ONE project by Elonex is for every child in the UK to have their own laptop’, it seems that there might be many children without a laptop when school starts later on this week. Interestingly I’ve noticed that a UK Mobile Phone retailer is now supplying Elonex laptops as part of one of it’s broadband packages.

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3 Responses to Elonex Update

  1. Mike Nolan says:

    Time to look again at Asus EeePC – 901 model looks very nice! Or Acer Aspire:


  2. Wendy Cooke says:

    I am in the same position in terms of ordering and not getting a delivery. I ordered earlier but paid a bit later but on ringing the disribution company was told I should have had an email from Elonex shortly after I paid to say delivery had been delayed until septmber.

    I have emailed Elonex but they have failed to reply.

    It seems likely I will be cancelling as well – what a pity – seemed a great idea

  3. Wendy Cooke says:

    Well an update – after an email to Elonex I have been told today that my computer has been despatched – we wait and see.


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