Core Services: One year on

The Core Services team was formed in June 2007, which makes the team one year old! It doesn’t seem like a year since my first blog post.

The past year has been really interesting and challenging, and in all honesty I’ve enjoyed working on all the different projects. The team has come together quite nicely and we now have a wide range of skills available within the team. This summer will see our most ambitious plans to date, I just hope we can keep up the momentum we have built up over the past year. In the next few months we will be looking at virtualising more services and reducing the amount of physical servers in use. We will also be looking at improving the SunRay thin client service and reducing the running and support costs of the Core IT Services. We will also be rolling out more SunRay devices to some key areas of the institution, one of the bigger projects for the summer will be to implement a new institutional data backup system.

Looking over the previous blog posts I realised that I haven’t been at an external event or conference for some time. I thought it was about time I attended a conference as so far this year the rest of the team have been having all the fun!

The blog entries show that members of the team have attended Infosec 2008, a Salford Software Technical Update Event , and I’m sure there have been more events that haven’t been blogged !

I’m visiting Cardiff University on the 19th June for a ‘Sustainable IT in Universities and Colleges’ workshop. The workshop will explore issues around energy efficient configuration, cooling and power supply in computer server rooms, I’ll be looking for ideas or changes that will make our computer room more efficient. I’ll try and blog something about my thoughts and ideas tomorrow evening.

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