Fancy a Rant?

The 23rd – 29th March is “One Big RANT Week”, the Mental Health Foundation runs Mental Health Action Week every year and this year the foundation is focusing on Anger Management. It’s an emotion that everyone feels at some point in their lives, and some people deal with anger better than others.

The One Big RANT Week is to raise awareness about the destructive power of anger and to promote some methods of dealing with anger. I must admit that sometimes a rant is good for me, especially if others join in on a group rant! While most people will admit to getting angry, lots of people find it difficult to admit they have a problem dealing with anger. There will be a number of sponsored events across the country to raise money for the foundation, some of the suggested sponsored events include ‘A Rant-athon’ where groups of people come together to vent their spleens on a subject, or a ‘RANT-off’ where people are given the chance to engage in a war of words to see who has the most entertaining rage.

If you want further information about Anger Management, any other aspects of mental health or to get involved in the One Big Rant Week visit the Mental Health Foundation Website

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