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Firstly let me introduce myself I’m David McCallum (not the actor in NCIS!) and I’m part of the Core Services Team.

Recently I’ve been involved in a new printing system pilot in the Faculty of Health Building. What is interesting about printing I hear you ask? The traditional model for printing has always been to put small desktop printers into offices, the printing pilot works on a more centralised model. We have 3 Hewlett Packard (HP) Safecom Multifunction Print Copy Scan devices (PCS) on loan.


The magic of these devices is that where as the traditional model required users to print to a specific printer (for example top floor lrc printer), in this centralised model users print to just one printer queue and then go to any PCS device and request their printing. Users can also scan documents or photocopy at any of the devices.
The devices require users to login with a four digit unique PIN Code to access the photocopy or scan services, users can also choose which of their documents from the queue they want to print. These devices can also be used with the University smart card system so that users could potentially use their swipe cards to login to the devices.

This system is secure and this means that no one else can walk away with your printing (or bin it!). Print Jobs will stay in the queue for 5 days and the day before will email you to remind you it is about to be deleted. You can retain print jobs which means that it you need to print it again you just go to the device and re-print it

There are currently one of each device on each floor of the Faculty of Health building

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  1. Dan Pressler says:

    I’m very interested to see these working, having heard so much about them. Having used printers and photocopiers, however, I’m just wondering who will clear the paper jams, or resolve any other technical issues (such as loss of network connection)? Or fill it up? Paper jams will and do happen frequently!

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