GO – How was it for you?

In the second week of January we will have to review the success/failure of the changes I talked about in my post on Keeping GO going. The load balancing software is still on evaluation and the Core Services Team will need to make a decision quite quickly to either purchase the product or find another solution. I’ve checked our information systems and it seems that none of the GO servers have crashed or had to be restarted since the new software was put in place, I will double check this when my all of my team is back at work. A quick look at the logs shows that users have been using the system every day since EH closed for Xmas. There were even users logged into GO on Christmas Day!! The new software and all the changes we made seem to have made things better but it’s time for some audience participation (well it is Panto season).

Do you feel the availability of GO has been better since the changes were made?
Is the site any faster? Does GO work any better?
Did anyone notice single sign on is back for webmail?

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  1. Rob Spence says:

    Well, yes, we do notice these things – but once again today, I can’t access email whichever way I try to sign on. Frustrating!

  2. Hi Rob,
    I was alerted to some e-mail problems earlier today, I logged a trouble ticket with my team at 2:55pm today. On failure the email services restarted on a different server as they should, but there seems to have been a further problem. I’m down near Cardiff at the moment, but a member of IT Services has been into EH today (New Years Day) to restart the failed services.

    The only other problems that I am currently aware of over the Christmas period were on the 29th Dec when one of the staff email post offices failed and was restarted remotely. I’ve been quite pleased with the resilience of the systems over Christmas, one of our servers has failed but all services carried on running without any human intervention. A second server failed today and services should have continued to run, clearly there is some further work for us to do.

    Once we get some feedback about the resilience of GO and we are sure that users are happy with GO, I promise that Groupwise Webmail is next on this list of things to improve.

    Paul C

  3. Rob says:

    OK- thanks for the response. When do the robots take over completely? 😉

  4. IanRobinson says:

    Hi Paul

    Email was also down (or at least some of it) on Christmas day (sad I know!), Boxing Day, and if I remember correctly part of 27th Dec.


  5. Mohammed says:

    I like go and particularly the New GO -the felxibilility and ability to customise the page is great. acces to email yes i did notice the single login and speed seems to be fine.

    some staff shortcuts would be great for access to intranet etc..

    one of the advantages of GO is the ability to access your resources and informaton when offsite from one portal. and see whats needed from one window.

  6. Lydia Hale says:

    Hi Paul

    I’ve tried to login to GO today from home and haven’t been able to access my emails through GO I’m afraid. I had to go directly to webmail.


  7. Alison Mackenzie says:

    Hi Paul,
    Although I didn’t try to log on to my email from home on January 1st , I did try yesterday and had a frustrating experience getting no where fast – even when I can log in I always have to input my details at least twice…and today it went down this morning on campus – am sure these are just glitches but perhaps there is an issue over resilience….?

  8. Thanks for the comments, keep them coming !!

    I’ve got some more new from the team, Webmail did fail on xmas day at about 6pm and the auto fail over did not work. It was restarted manually by a member of the team at about 9.30pm on boxing day.

    The team are already in discussions with our external support people regarding the problems with our auto fail over systems. I’ve also just picked up an email from the team about problems with one of the staff post offices on the 3rd Jan, I have asked the team schedule some maintenance work in for next weekend that will resolve these post office issues. I’m back at EH on Monday, so I will be able to respond to these comments more quickly. Thanks again for all your feedback.

    From your comments it seems that you have all been able to access GO over the xmas period, accessing webmail from inside GO seems to have been where the problems are. Would you all agree or disagree with this? If we treat webmail and email as a separate issue for the moment, have you all been able to access GO in the first instance? The email / webmail problems will all be resolved quite quickly, but it has taken a lot of work to get GO service to the level it is at. Has GO worked every time you logged into it?

  9. Mike Nolan says:

    Both GO and the SSO to GroupWise WebAccess worked for me every time I tried it over Christmas.

  10. Maureen Richardson says:

    Hi Paul

    GO worked everytime for me. I did have intermittent problems with webmail – but do not think this was a GO problem. In those instances I was not able to get into email using the direct url either – so as Paul has said it will have been when webmail was down

  11. Lydia says:

    Hi Paul

    I had problems accessing GO on 3rd January from home for a brief spell, and then once I managed to get in could not access webmail. I could however access webmail via the direct webmail url. I have tried today on campus however and can access GO fine, but single sign-on for webmail appears to be down. When I re-sign in though I can access webmail.


  12. Hi Lydia

    There has been a problem with Webmail today and at various points over xmas (please see the other comments on this post for details), you are able to access Webmail directly because there are two copies of webmail running. One runs specifically for GO and the other runs as a standalone version (webmail.edgehill.ac.uk). The Go version of webmail has been branded to look like the rest of GO. The GO webmail version is more popular than the traditional webmail version but is still a fairly new addition to GO. We have had to make some changes today to the new version to deal with increased demand for the service. There have been some problems with single sign on to Webmail from GO but these have been caused by the webmail problems and not by the GO servers.

  13. We’ve tracked back the webmail problems today to a setting on one of the servers. Webmail by default only allows 250 users, the GO version of webmail has been hitting this limit a few times in the past few weeks. When this limit is reached new users are prevented from logging into the service. We have today increased this limit to 500 users. We will continue to monitor the server performance.

    Paul C.

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