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Fancy getting out the office? …What you want is a cool, ultra mobile gadget to keep you connected, after all you don’t want to miss any Ebay bargains …err I mean important e-mails from the boss!

There are lots of notebooks and PDAs of various shapes and sizes on the market however why not take a different approach? …A company called Datawind have unveiled their second-generation PocketSurfer handheld web browser.


The device it’s self costs around £180 in the UK which includes one years free airtime, As you might expect its not quite as free as it sounds as your are restricted to 20 hours airtime per month, for the second years access you will need to pay somewhere in the region of £40. or you could go for Datawind’s £6 a month unlimited access package.


The device measures 15.2 x 7.5 x 1.5cm when closed and has a 640 x 420 display, proper web browser and a flat QWERTY keypad. The device works by allowing you to access web pages via Datawind servers, the data first compressed to minimize the data that is downloaded by your device and there for speed up your browsing experience increased compared to browsing over GSM with for example a PDA.

There is a more detailed review of the Datawind PocketSurfer 2 on The Register

Or check out the Datawind web site at http://www.datawind.com/products.html

Watch hands on PocketSurfer 2 videos on YouTube here And here

My interest however, apart from that fact that its a cool gadget is how you can take this technology a step beyond Ebay and Facebook …There is a growing movement towards delivering applications and even full operating systems to your web browser with companies such as Google delivering on-line applications such as Google docs and Google maps, Why not to ultra portable devices that fits in your pocket.

I for one however would be interested to see how a device such as this would perform if you take the concept a step further and point it at Microsoft’s Windows Terminal Server web client or Sun’s Sun Global desktop?

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7 Responses to Want One?

  1. Mike Nolan says:

    I’ve just bought an Asus eee PC (available for viewings in the Web Services office right now!)

    Only had chance to play with it for a few hours but impressed so far. Runs a version of Xandros Linux (Windows XP will run as well and Asus plan a pre-installed version in the new year) but don’t let that put you off – it’s very easy to run. It doesn’t have the connectivity options of the Datawind or some of Nokia’s newer devices, but it’s got WiFi built in.

    But what separates it from the competition is that it’s a real PC and will run all the software you can get for Linux (or Windows if you go that route).

  2. Tim says:

    I’ve also got an eee…

    The Xandros flavour they shipped was pretty well rounded for an ‘appliance’ (ie just web/office/email). – Though I almost immediately installed Ubuntu.

    I reckon for a tech savvy person to get the most out of it, you’ll probably eventually want Windows or another Linux distro on there, depending which camp you’re in!

    Next stop for me is a tiny bluetooth adapter, so I can use my existing mobile data plan.

  3. Nice gadget Steve !!!

    It’s the sort of thing that can be carried easily, it looks smart as well. £180 is not that expensive these days, but then there are no further costs in the first year (20 hours a month included). It should work anywhere you can get a mobile signal. Bit of a bargain really!!!

    The eee pcs looks kinda cool too, wish they had come out before I had bought my laptop 🙁 I’ve had a quick look at Mike’s eee and it’s really good. Ultra mobile and Windows free!

    I’m going to ask Santa for a Pocket Surfer, an EEE or maybe just a Pleo ( http://www.pleoworld.com/ )

  4. Mark Wilcock says:

    That looks pretty cool….hmmmm.

    “Dear Santa……”

  5. Maureen Richardson says:

    I saw Mike’s Asus EEE PC the day it arrived. I immediately emailed my husband to say that I did not want half a Wii for Christmas after all (we had decided to buy a Wii instead of presents for each other) but an EEE of my own. The Wii had already arrived but we then began the hunt for an EEE. As hard to get as a WII but finally tracked one down and it arrives tomorrow!

  6. Mark Roche says:

    I have had an eeePC since before Christmas and I love it. Wireless access and a built-in webcam for less than £200. Gave Linux 3 weeks before I installed Windows XP on it. Better the devil you know! Nothing really against Linux but I love fiddling and don’t have time to learn another OS.

  7. Mike Nolan says:


    How fast does XP feel on the eee? I’m worried that it’s a bit too bloated and tries to write to disk a bit too often. I also use it as a development machine so it’s easier to run a LAMP stack under Linux.

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