Who’s Interested?

I’ve been asked a few times by staff if they can see the computer server room, if I can explain what all the machines do and how they work together. Is this something that you, some members of your department, or even your students might be interested in? You might not want to see the machine room, but you might want to know more about the Cores Services team or the Core IT provision at Edge Hill.

If your interested in knowing more please contact me and I’ll arrange for a tour / introduction of the Core IT facilities for you. Due to current projects I won’t be able to arrange a tour/introduction for this year, but I’m more than happy to arrange a date for late Jan/Feb 08. Email me at paul.cheeseman@edgehill.ac.uk and let me know what your interested in knowing more about.

If you just have a quick question about the Core Services / IT Provision please post a comment here or email me.

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