Faculty of Health, Sun Rays and Virtualisation

The Core Services Team have a lot of work on in the next few weeks. The FOH building goes live in around 12 days and the IT provision needs to be ready quckly, we are also starting a virtualisation project in early December. In place of regular PCs the FOH will be fitted out with new Sun Ray Devices. This is a significant move away from the PCs that are usually deployed onto staff desktops, but the new devices will offer a number of benefits including;

  • Less space taken up on desks
  • Lower power usage compared to a normal PC
  • Silent Running – no moving parts or cooling fans

The Sun Ray devices require new servers and new software, and while there is a lot of work we are all looking forward to the challenge. We are planning on deploying around 150 Sun Ray devices into the new FOH building. I’ll post more about the Virtualisation project nearer the time.

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