Update on the weekend downtime

All the work planned for the weekend has been completed and I thought that you might want to know what we actually did.

The main reason for the downtime was to add an extra Terabyte (1000 gigabytes) to the Shared Storage. The Shared Storage is where the Home Directories (f:) and Shared Directories (g: and m:) are stored. Some of the servers that run GO, the Email servers and some of the web servers also use the Shared Storage. This is why a wide range of services needed to be turned off during the work. The extra storage will be used to increase the space available for home directories, shared folders and email. It will also be used for the virtualisation project that is due to start in December.

We also applied some software patches to the Novell network servers, the software patch was the latest service patch from Novell and should resolve a number of minor issues we have been experiencing on some of the servers.

GO was also down to allow us to re-install one of the GO servers, this needed to be done to allow us to make some further improvements in the next week or so. We are going to trial a load balancing product, in the event of a server failure the load balancer will redirect users to another server without them ever being aware that there was a problem. We can test the load balancing product without any further disruption or downtime.

We have also done some tidying up and moving around of hardware in the main server room, this is to make room for the new servers that will be needed to provide IT Services to the new Faculty of Health building. I’ll post more about this nearer the time.

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