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Just a quick note to say that the Core Services team is now complete. Neil Malcolm has joined us from the Business System team, I’d also like to welcome Adam Riches to the team. The IT Services offices in the SIC are in the process of being moved around. The Core Services team will be located at the back of the IT Services offices and the IT Services Helpdesk is moving forwards in the office and will be situated closer to the main door.

The Sun Ray Pilot is finishing this Thursday. If you haven’t seen a Sun Ray yet and you want to see what the fuss is about contact me by phone or e-mail and I’ll point you in the direction of the closest trial machine. If the trial is a success they will be deployed into the new Health building at the Ormskirk site, they will also be deployed into the open access areas in the new building.

The Spam Quarantine product is still under trial but we have moved all Edge Hill mail over to this service. The product will remain in trial until our suppliers release a new version of the software in the next few months. The next release of the software promises an improved interface to the quarantine area and a number of other features. We have also made significant changes to the Groupwise system in the past few weeks and this will give the institution a much more reliable internal and external e-mail service.

Virtualisation is still on the agenda and we are in the process of obtaining quotes from suppliers for hardware, software and consultancy. It is likely that we will implement two virtualisation servers and in the first few months of the project we are hoping to virtualise at least 10 servers.

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