We have been testing out a SPAM solution for the past 6 weeks. The trial solution takes the form of one single server with some clever software on it that tries to figure out if an e-mail is SPAM or not. I’ve known that the SPAM solution has been working quite hard but I’ve never really looked into it any further…..until about 20 minutes ago that is.

The SPAM software does some clever things to figure out if e-mail server connections coming in is from a legitimate source. If the source can not be verified the the incoming connection is probably SPAM. The software also checks against lists of known SPAM e-mail addresses and mail servers. It then uses the information from these checks to decide if the connecon should be allowed or not. In the past 24 hours the SPAM software rejected 111,481 connection attempts from known spammers and unverifiable sources. Around 90% of all incoming e-mail connections are rejected because they are trying to deliver SPAM. I was quite shocked by this.

Of the incoming e-mail connections that pass the initial tests there are still a number of SPAM messages that get picked off by the software. Before the SPAM software was put into place these messages would have ended up in our GroupWise mail boxes. How many SPAM messages do you thing Edge Hill gets in 24 hours ? Have a guess, 100, 1000, 10,000 ? Would you be suprised to know that the total SPAM messages dealt with by the SPAM solution in the last 24 hours was 19,121 messages? All this is in just one day !! Once I have some stats for a full month I will report back, but I’m sure the numbers will be quite staggering.

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  1. Mike Nolan says:

    What percentage of incoming email is spam overall then? And who gets spammed the most?!

  2. At the moment I think the figures are a bit skewed because there are not that many academic staff and students on site.
    The daily SPAM reports shows that of 173,686 incoming messages only 15,924 (9.2%) were not deemed as SPAM. As for who gets the most SPAM, well the SPAM software does keep a top ten, the NO. 1 spot goes to a user who in the past day has received 47 SPAM messages.

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