It’s hard to keep thinking of interesting titles !

Our application to join the UK Federation has been processed and on Wednesday EH become a member of the UK Federation. We are currently testing out our Shibboleth server and in the next week or so we will be hooking it up to the UK Federation. In the next few weeks we will be working with Learning Services to implement federated access to the Athens resources. Just as a random thought, I quite like the word Shibboleth, it’s much better than using an acronym like IDM, SOAP or some kind of code like ISO9001. Shibboleth can be shortened to Shib if your feeling a bit lazy or you can’t remember how to spell it, Shibby if your looking for a name for your cat, or if your feeling a bit light headed after too much caffeine – ShibbyWibbyWoo!
If you interested in the origins of the word Shibboleth look no further than Wikipedia. Have a look, it really is quite interesting.

The work scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) will pave the way for the new version of GO. We will be simplifying the Identity Management Systems we currently have in place. What will this mean for the users ? Well users won’t really see anything different as this work will be done on the behind the scenes stuff. From next week there will be fewer user password problems and fewer problems logging in. The changes will also make it easier for the IT help desks to resolve your network account problems. Once the weekend work is complete we will be moving onto implementing Novell Access Manager This will also form part of the new version of GO.

There is a group of us going to visit Sun Microsystems on Tuesday. We are going to see the Sun Ray thin client devices. I’ve mentioned these devices in a previous post. It is quite possible that EH users will see machines like these (or something similar) replacing PCs on desktops around the institution. I’ll post something here when we get back.

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  1. Mike Nolan says:

    Well you do have really boring things to blog about, not like our Web 2.0 lark 😉

    Try looking for song titles and witty plays on words!

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