Missing your SPAM?

Week 2 of the trial of our new anti-spam solution is upon us. Initial feedback from the users is good but we’ll be asking for some formal feedback later on in the trial. A few comments have been made about the speed of the quarantine area website. The website can be a bit slow at times, but there’s a very good reason for this. If we were to go live with the product we would have multiple units in place to deal with the load, we currently only have one. If we decide to buy into this product we will purchase additional units which will speed up the service. All incoming e-mail is being scanned by the new anti-spam product, by the end of this week all our out going e-mail will be scanned by the new product as well.

Our suppliers have also been looking in on the trial and they have gained some useful information by watching our use of their product. They have made a commitment to make some changes to the Quaratine area website to improve performance. I am having a review of the trial with our suppliers on the 18th July, and then a final review on the 27th July. If you have any questions for our suppliers or any comments that you would like me to pass on please e-mail me or post a comment here.

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3 Responses to Missing your SPAM?

  1. Mike Nolan says:

    It’s only picked out one spam email for me – and that was a comment notification for WordPress. The comment was actually spam but I’d prefer if M+ didn’t filter it so that I can check them myself 🙂

    The URL for the web interface could do with being a bit easier to remember, and it would be nice if we could get access to some APIs to allow us to put information about spam in the GO portal.

  2. Stuart Gould says:

    I’m really impressed with it so far, I’ve had 150+ spam emails intercepted at last count (I hadn’t realised how bad it was, I guess I wasn’t really checking my junk mail folder much!). So far it’s only got one wrong and that was from a friend with a daft hotmail address 🙂

    A go plugin would be great and provide a nice and easy way for people to use it. In terms of DNS I assume we will start using a round-robin if we decided to stick with this system and have it pick one out of several redundant boxes? I still think junkmail.edgehill.ac.uk would be best longterm 😉

    I do have issues with how it renders the spam view page in IE7 but thats down to Microsoft’s inability to provide a browser that renders pages correctly! Hopefully mplus will put in some IE hacks to get it working or we could just get everyone on firefox….. 😀

  3. Hmm junkmail.edgehill.ac.uk …..does exaclty what it says on the tin. I think we’ll adopt this if we decide to purchase the product.

    We can do some jiggery pokery and get the appliance to serve up the Quarantine pages on port 80 instead of the port it is on currently. Users won’t have to remember a port number after that.
    The is a way to use SMTP to access the quarantine area, I think the helpdesk are looking at this to give access to the quarantine areas for shared groupwise resources and proxy access.

    I’ve been looking in on the stats from time to time and it seems that well over half of all mail coming in is spam. I’ll add these comments to the list and pass them onto our suppliers.

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