A busy week

Interviews were held for the Senior Core Services officers posts on Tuesday, we have offered the posts to two candidates and we are waiting for the usual HR procedures to be completed. There is also a Core Services Officer post advertised externally, the closing date for applications is the 20th July. We are aiming to have all three of these posts in place for the 1st August, at that point the Core Services Team will officially come on line.

Our Anti-Spam appliance trial officialy started on Thursday afternoon, and despite some minor teething issues I’m please to report that the Anti-Spam appliance performance is very impressive. Our Customer Services Manager will be making everyone aware of the User Interface on Monday. The User Interface will allow users to login and view any e-mail that has been identified as Spam. Users are then given the option to block, delete or release e-mail into their e-mail accounts.

There has been a team of people (including myself) at EH today working on the Groupwise e-mail system. We are trying to improve performance and have been making some changes to the system on the advice of our external IT support. We are back in on Sunday morning to finish things off. Here’s hoping that next week is a bit quieter.

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