Groupwise Disruption

The primary Groupwise Webmail service failed at about 1am on Sunday morning. Due to the nature of the problem the fail over Webmail services did not start and the service was interrupted. The Edge Hill on call service was notified of this problem at 9.30am this morning. One member of staff was on site was on site at 10.30am , and two staff worked remotely. The Webmail service was resumed at 11am this morning.
IT Services will be monitoring the service throughout the day.

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2 Responses to Groupwise Disruption

  1. Rob says:

    Thanks Paul – it’s impressive that the system was repaired that quickly on a Sunday – try getting a plumber…
    It’s another illustration though, of the difficulty non-techies like me have with understandinmg IT systems- why don’t they just work?

  2. Even though IT Services might not seem to be doing much about IT problems there is always someone working to get things going again.

    If IT systems worked all of the time, I’d be out of a job ! Even with system redundancy in place they still manage to crash and generally play up. I’m sure everyone has had their desktop PC crash on them. You may have been using a word processor, playing a game or just browsing the internet, doing something you’ve done many times before and the PC just freezes. Sometimes you’ll be presented with an error, sometimes it’s just a case of turn it off and turn it back on. Multiply those random problems into 35+ network servers and it might help to understand the scale of the problems IT services face.

    The fatal flaw of all IT systems is that regardless of which supplier or software house produces the software it is still written by people, and even the brightest and cleverest people can sometimes get it a little bit wrong. Software is constantly evolving with new functionality and fixes for problems. In some cases the new functionality introduces a new set of problems. Just look at the number of patches that come out for Windows, or the problems we have had with Groupwise as a result of the first security patch. We do report any errors we encounter to our suppliers, but we are usually at the mercy of our software suppliers when it comes to a fix. This delay means that our customers (yourselves) get frustrated at us because we appear to be doing nothing. The reality is that we have constant contact with our suppliers and are usually supplying them with statistics, error messages and applying fixes based on our their advice.

    In the case of the Groupwise Security patches our suppliers Novell were aware of the problems for some time before they made their customers aware. Their approach is to write a fix before they make the problem public. New problems were introduced in this first patch which led to the release of the second patch.

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