Groupwise Software Update

This Saturday a software update will be applied to the Groupwise e-mail system. There is likely to be some disruption to the e-mail system between 11am and 3pm. This second update is a further patch to the update we applied on the 2nd June. The first update was required to fix a security vulnerability. This first update introduced some problems into the Groupwise system, this second patch will hopefully correct these recently introduced problems .

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  1. Rob says:

    Hi Paul
    There was some disruption yesterday, but today it’s “service unavailable.”

  2. Thanks for the message!

    The primary Groupwise Webmail service failed at about 1am on Sunday morning. Due to the nature of the problem the failover Webmail services did not start and the service was interrupted. The Edge Hill on call service was notified of this problem at 9.30am this morning. One member of staff was on site was on site at 10.30am , and two staff worked remotely. The Webmail service was resumed at 11am this morning.

    We will be reporting this to our software suppliers on Monday, it may be a new problem that has been introduced as part of the software patch. IT Services will be monitoring the service throughout the day, and if required will go into EH to resolve the problem.

    I’ll create this as a new blog record for all to see

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