• new policy paper on online antisemitism

    new policy paper on online antisemitism

    The ICR’s principal partner, MONITOR Global Intelligence on Racism, has published a policy paper on how to combat antisemitism online. The data and recommendations in the paper are based on the international meeting hosted by the ICR in November 2019, which was funded by the European Association for Jewish Studies. The international meeting gathered top […]

  • Social Media and Antisemitism

    Social Media and Antisemitism

    DECIPHERING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PREJUDICE AND COMMUNICATION CONFERENCE & PUBLIC WORKSHOP International Centre on Racism, Edge Hill University, UK 5-6 November 2019 Social media is arguably impacting in significant ways on anti-Jewish racism- but what is novel about this relationship? Focused on this question, Social Media & Antisemitism is the first conference to analyse the connection between […]

  • partnership with the European university institute

    partnership with the European university institute

    Edge Hill University has exchanged letters with the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence to establish a new research partnership for the project, MONITOR Global Intelligence on Racism. MONITOR is a multi-media magazine that brings the insights of research on racism to global public debate. The ICR will be the centre of the partnership at […]