• Windrush as Watershed?

    Windrush as Watershed?

    ICR member, Zana Vathi, writes here for the Institute for Social Responsibility’s blog on UK migration policy and practice, calling for scrutiny of migration governance and management.https://blogs.edgehill.ac.uk/isr/windrush-as-watershed-revisiting-migration-policy-and-practice-in-the-uk/ Image: FL9448, Imperial War Museum, UK.

  • Hollywood & Covid: post-2020

    Hollywood & Covid: post-2020

    A week after Lockdown began in late March 2020, the Institute for Social Responsibility, based at Edge Hill University, made a call for contributions to its blog to comment on our responses to the Covid-19 epidemic and how our academic fields have been affected. Deputy Director of the International Centre on Racism, Jenny Barrett, contributed…