14.00-18.45 GMT, 7 December 2022

This online conference marks the 25th anniversary of the publication of Rashid Khalidi’s seminal book, Palestinian Identity: The Construction of Modern National Consciousness. Khalidi presented a new way for us to think about the history of being and feeling Palestinian; at one and the same time, he demonstrated the fact of Palestinian national identity in the early 20th century, and its contingent complexity, a tension that is apparent in national communities around the globe.

‘Palestine in the Age of Empire’ gathers world-leading scholars of nationalism and identity to engage with a number of themes that Khalidi has addressed in his career: Britain and Palestine; Palestinian identity; Jewish nationalism; and the trajectory of Palestine Studies.

This is the 4th event in our series on the history of Palestine, which is run by final-year History students at Edge Hill University in the UK. Their work in this field ranges from Orientalism to the politics of nationalisms, empire, and international history. You can read the syllabus here. The conference is run in collaboration with the International Centre on Racism at Edge Hill.


Programme (Greenwich Mean Time)

Keynote Address

Chair: Katie Sutherland, Edge Hill University, UK.

14.00 ‘Palestinian Identity: 25 Years After,’ Professor Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies, Columbia University, USA.

Chair: Arron Woods, Edge Hill University.

15.00 ‘Providence and Palestine – National Identity in the British Isles and Jewish Restorationism before Zionism,’ Dr Andrew Crome, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

Chair: Ross Oliver, Edge Hill University.

16.00 ‘Neither Jewish nor National nor a Home’: Israel Zangwill on Palestine,’ Dr Laura Almagor, University of Sheffield, UK.

Chair: Mélaine Larchevesque, Edge Hill University & the University of Rouen, France.

17.00 ‘The Future of the Palestinian Past‘ – A Panel Discussion with Professor Sherene Seikaly, University of California, Santa Barbara, and Professor Amanda Batarseh, University of California, San Diego.

Chair: Hannah Metcalfe, Edge Hill University.

18.00 ‘Palestine and Palestinians in Early Arabic Sources,’ Professor Nabil Matar, University of Minnesota, USA, in collaboration with Professor Al-Mahdi Al-Rawadieh, University of Jordan, Jordan.

18.45 Conference ends.

Organisational team: Joshua Enright (Chair), Katie Sutherland, Mélaine Larchevesque, Hannah Metcalfe, Ross Oliver, Arron Woods, Ryan Jones, Stephen Lloyd, Cain Wilkes.

Communications team: Chloe Kemp (Chair), Oliver Michalak, Joe Southgate, Thomas Halliwell, Alicia Greenough , Paul Greenough.

Designed by Ross Oliver.