The ICR will launch in the autumn of 2019 with an international team of experts on race. The team were recruited to provide expertise on a diversity of racisms.

Members of the Centre include the Surviving Society podcast team, Chantelle Lewis and Tissot Regis, alongside the Co-Editor of Current Sociology, Karim Murji, and the Joint Editor of Ethnic and Racial Studies, John Solomos. Together with academics, the team features Monica Gonzalez-Correa, Editor of the magazine MONITOR Global Intelligence on Racism.

ICR Members are supported by an Advisory Board that includes experts from Amsterdam, Berlin, Harvard, the International Slavery Museum, Maryland, Radboud, and Toronto.

Providing expertise on a broad sweep of issues ranging from the alt-right to the web, the Centre will deliver advanced research, consultancy, events, and training. It also aims to establish a UK-wide multi-disciplinary network of postgraduate and early career researchers working on race.

The ICR opens its doors on 16 October with a book launch on Islamophobia and surveillance. The first conference is on social media and antisemitism, and is funded by the European Association for Jewish Studies (5-6 Nov. 2019). The event includes a workshop for media and antiracism professionals.

The ICR is directed by historian James Renton and film scholar Jenny Barrett.

Image: ‘Whole world- land and oceans’, Visible Earth, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (2002).