The ICR announces the inaugural PKC Millins laureate.

The first PKC Millins laureate will be Professor Satnam Virdee from the University of Glasgow. The Millins Lectures honour scholars who are providing new thinking about race on a big canvas. Professor Virdee’s work tackles the relationship between race, class, and the making of the world that we live in. Working across large swathes of time, he explores how racism and antiracism lie at the centre of modernity.

From 1963-1979, PKC Millins was Principal of Edge Hill College. He was at the forefront of national endeavours to combat racism through education. Under his stewardship, Edge Hill developed a range of programmes to that end. As late as the 1990s, the College was the only provider in Britain of a BA in race relations, whose alumni include the Head of the International Slavery Museum, Dr Richard Benjamin. Millins was especially proud of his contribution to the UK’s university access programme that was intended to increase the enrolment of students from ethnic minorities.

Professor Virdee will deliver the first PKC Millins Lecture in May 2020.

Image: Edge Hill University.