The book based on the Edge Hill symposium on Islamophobia and surveillance has just been published by Routledge. The book was originally published as a special issue of the journal, Ethnic and Racial Studies. It features essays by Gil Anidjar (Columbia), Rashna Darius Nicholson (Hong Kong), Piro Rexhepi (Max Planck, Göttingen), ICR Director, James Renton, Luis A. Romero and Amina Zarrugh (Texas CU), and ICR Advisory Board member, Anya Topolski (Radboud).

“The War on Terror has established a new global order of political structures, legislation, and technologies designed to spy on the world’s Muslims. This book explains the origins and trajectories of this political system.

The contributors argue that a constellation of Western ideas about Muslims have evolved over time to produce an insatiable desire for all-pervasive, ever-expanding surveillance in our contemporary moment. The book posits that the surveillance order is not, however, only the result of conceptions of Muslims. It is, rather, the outcome of centuries of European thought regarding religion, governance, and revolution…”

For further information, please visit Routledge.

Image: GCHQ, Bude, Cornwall. Photo by Nilfanion. CC BY-SA 3.0