• The Collaboration

    The Children Coming to Hospital resource was developed collaboratively with children, parents and health professionals and working with the wonderfully creative guys at MisterMunro. Once the resources were designed and made, it was important for them to reach as many families as possible so that they could hopefully use them to have a better hospital […]

  • Children Coming to Hospital

    Children Coming to Hospital

    It can be hard for children to know what to expect when they come to hospital for procedures such as an X-ray or blood test. Children tend to have a better experience if they know what will happen and have the chance to prepare themselves. The ‘Children Coming to Hospital’ resource was developed with children, […]

  • The Student Quality Ambassador Programme (SQA)

    The Student Quality Ambassador Programme (SQA)

    The Student Quality Ambassador programme is an NHS North West Initiative for healthcare students to promote best practice and quality initiatives within the workplace, challenging the current standards of care. The programme runs across the whole of the North West, providing students from a range of different universities with the opportunity to role model and […]

  • National Fitness Day 2019

    National Fitness Day 2019

    When we talk about exercise we usually refer to the physical health benefits: increased levels of cardiovascular fitness, muscle gain, fat loss etc. but what we often overlook is the impact exercise can have on our Mental Health. Today (Wednesday 25th September) is National Fitness Day, and we’re focusing on celebrating the benefits that exercise […]

  • Helen Henderson | Head of Simulation and Skills Education

    Helen Henderson is our new Head of Simulation and Skills Education here at Edge Hill University. We caught up with Helen to learn more about her role here at EHU, and discover what the future may hold for our university in terms of Healthcare Simulation. Who am I? I have been really fortunate to recently […]

  • Emergency Simulation | Ashton-Under-Lyne Fire Station

    Emergency Simulation |  Ashton-Under-Lyne Fire Station

    Edge Hill University Simulation Technicians, Aggie and Hayley, recently joined a group of second year student Paramedics facing a series of emergency situations at Ashton-Under-Lyne Fire Station in a recent simulation collaboration. The two-day event was structured into three scenarios, with students being asked to respond to a range of simulated emergencies. As simulation support […]

  • Simulation Leads: Vicky Perrin and Janet Burdon | Nursing

    Simulation Leads: Vicky Perrin and Janet Burdon | Nursing

    Vicky Perrin Vicky, what types of skills do you practice in Clinical Skills and Simulation? We practice all types of skills within the clinical skills and simulation centre, including practical skills such as the taking of blood pressures and injection techniques, to more complex scenarios around service user assessment and diagnosis, as well as communication […]

  • #MeetTheManikins – Noelle

    #MeetTheManikins – Noelle

    Meet Noelle – Maternal Care Patient Simulator, Birthing Simulator, and not-so-secret-crush of Edge Hill Simulation Manikin, Derek. (See #TheLifeOfDerek on Twitter) Noelle is a full-sized, articulating, full-body female manikin who provides our students with a complete birthing simulation experience before, during and after delivery. Together with a Resuscitation baby, Noelle’s comprehensive teaching system combines one […]

  • Coming Soon to Social Work Simulation

    Coming Soon to Social Work Simulation

    Emma Rimmer is one of our Practice Education Lecturers and also Social Work Lead for Simulation here at Edge Hill University. We recently caught up with Emma to find out exactly what the future holds in terms of Social Work Simulation. ‘The Integrated Masters in Nursing and Social Work programme is planning a simulation exercise […]

  • South Africa | Emergency Medical Care Rescue Exercise

    Seven EHU Paramedic students recently joined three other universities in addition to further colleges and provincial services in a large scale training and simulation exercise in South Africa. Organised and facilitated by the University of Johannesburg, Rescue South Africa was also a large contributor in providing organisation and equipment. The event consisted of training days […]