Dear Nursing Associate, Nursing and Midwifery Students

Are you creative…..needing an artistic challenge……like to win some additional funds….

We are looking for you as we need a LOGO, which represent Nursing Associate, Nursing & Midwifery student voice!

‘Student voice’ represents activities within our programmes, Dept, Faculty and the University where students’ opinion, views and feedback are received, joint work occurs (co-production) to innovate and produce improvements for you and future students’ educational experience.

We are seeking a LOGO to help identify ‘student voice’ activities’ i.e. where and when student voice is being raised and heard i.e. SSCFs, PULSE survey & feedback, to identify improvements created  through joint working i.e. programme board,  student cohort/ programme groups, and help communication the Nursing Associate, Nursing & Midwifery ‘student voice’ across our student and staff communities.


Please email Dr. E. Cooper, Head of Adult Nursing & Primary Care ([email protected]), with the title LOGO COMPETITION with your entry by Friday 14th November 4pm.

Prize: £100 amazon vouchers for winners,

(for an individual or a group entry)

We will also need JUDGES! If you are a student from our Nursing Associate, Nursing and /or Midwifery programmes you can volunteer to be part of the judging panel working with our Associate Head for student engagement.  If you wish to be a judge, selection will be on a first come first served basis, please email Jacqueline McKenna ([email protected]) with the title JUDGE-LOGO COMPETITION by Monday 10th November.