Our site at Manchester St James’ provides an extensive modern clinical simulation suite, including a mock operating theatre, ambulance simulator and clinical skills stations. A 3D immersive simulation suite enables you to practice clinical scenarios in a realistic, supportive and safe environment, and additional facilities include an open plan library and IT resources.

The ambulance setup at St James’, or as we like to call it, the ‘Simbulance’ is used by our Paramedic students. We can simulate any type of ambulance call as well as teach our students how to work as a team with a limited number of players, in a very limited amount of space.

Our student Paramedics use the Simbulance for most of their scenarios; for example, transporting a patient in critical condition to the facility and then working all types of treatment on the patient in the back. They learn how to move the patient safely in and out of the Simbulance, using the correct techniques to avoid injuring themselves or their backs in the process.

Our Simbulance replicates what kind of environment students will be working in once fully qualified – from the emergency situation, to how the equipment and supplies in a working Ambulance are set up. The facility is designed and arranged in exactly the same format as a real Ambulance would be on the road.

We have observation cameras installed within the vehicle which allow our simulation team and clinical training leads to observe the scenario. In addition, the training team provide feedback and students can review their simulation retrospectively. This enhances our students’ learning experience and improves their professional development.

An observation screen is due to be installed on the exterior of Simbulance in the near future, providing others with the chance to watch the simulation scenario taking place in real-time whilst removing distractions and pressure from the candidates involved within the facility.