Derek, known formally as ‘MegaCode Kelly’ is the nation’s favourite film star! (Or at least our favourite here at Edge Hill Clinical Skills) ?

Derek is a full-body simulation manikin designed to help our students in their practice of advanced, difficult and obstructed airway scenarios and IV therapy. He provides us with the capabilities to simulate tricky scenarios for our students such as Cardiac Defibrillation, Pacing, and ECG Interpretation.

To complement his fantastic acting skills, Derek has a range of exciting features which allow our students to practice many different skills. These include having an obstructed airway and bilateral carodid pulse. As seen in the first episode of ‘The Life of Derek’ he can also simulate emergency scenarios such as a cardiac arrest, in which students are required to perform CPR. 

Derek joined Edge Hill many years ago and with him, brought a range of ‘bits and pieces’! His favourite, we are told, are from his Trauma Module Set which include a crushed foot with exposed bone, abdominal injury and metal wounded face.. but we’re sure he’ll show you more on this in his new social media show! Stay tuned… #TheLifeOfDerek