Let us introduce you to the faculty twins, Ariel and Cliff – Our very own child simulation manikins!  ??

Ariel and Cliff, known as the MegaCode Kids, are used by our students in a range of different simulated scenarios including CPR, Trauma, First Aid and more. They help us to practice our skills and work together to improve patient outcomes and experiences.

Now Ariel and Cliff are no strangers around the faculty! They live in our Better at Home Suite with Derek, Noelle and the rest of our simulation family, and as you’ll see in tonight’s episode of ‘The Life of Derek’, they’re always up to mischief!

Simulating the bodies of human children, Ariel and Cliff have realistic airways which allow our students to practice the insertion of standard airway devices. They also boast ‘multi-venous paediatric IV arms’, which means we can inject them with helpful medicines and drips on the ward if required.

Not only do Ariel and Cliff look and feel human, but they also have a heartbeat and regulated breathing functionality. We can change their breathing and heart rates depending on the scenario, and this helps us to provide our students with a realistic experience when learning to look after patients.