Look At That Sun!

It’s glorious! I’ve been lay in it doing a spot of reading. Not a lover of Horror movies, in fact- ironically, I’m absolutely terrified of them. BUT last week in the ‘Spectacles… (it’s a very long title)’ module, we discussed Horror in quite an interesting way! So, I’m doing some reading and to follow it up I may indeed watch a few Horror movies… See how this course has opened me up to new things??? ;P

Hope you’re all enjoying the GBW (Great British Weather) for once at least!

Jennifer. Saunders.

Argh, this is a greatly belated blog, sorry! On Friday I saw Jennifer Saunders! Dr Jennifer Saunders, as I should call her, is now part of Edge Hill’s alumni (awesome) and as far as I am aware it’s due to her connection with Professor Tanya Byron who is the university’s 1st chancellor- woo! Anyway Tanya and Jennifer did a sort of talk show-esque event last Friday. It was ticket only, but the tickets were free!!! They spoke about Jennifer’s life, her work, briefly on her breast cancer experience (I personally thought they spoke about it very respectfully, but lightheartedly too) and also about a charity she is involved with. I was much too nervous to ask her a question, and I am regretful of that- I can’t stop coming up with questions even now a week later! But nevertheless I was absolutely made up with the event and opportunity!

Needless to say I was blown away, not just by Jennifer but also by Tanya Byron who I have since researched about and have definitely discovered a new role model in. These spectacular women were equally hilarious, charming and clearly, very intellectual.

This is a very blatant big up for the university but here are two clear examples why I love Edge Hill: firstly the opportunities it offers, certainly for media students, and secondly the people who sort of run it, and are connected to it; highly professional, intellectual and innovative- to say the least. Anyway, I’m still swooning!

Hope you’re having a good week and are enjoying this cold, cold, cold…weather.

Sleepy Student

My title of course refers to myself, even now as I type my eyes are drooping. But I will soldier on! Today marked the second week of me co-hosting L:39 show with fellow broadcaster Dom! All I can say is that we have a brilliant time, so much fun. It’s pretty much a chill out session with some ace tunes and some wicked shout outs to our loyal listeners. I’m on the radio on a Weds, but no university- you may ask why I do this and my answer is simple; I am hoping it will encourage me to visit the library more through the week. It’s true. However I am yet to do so…still early days mind!

Anyway, bed time for me! Hope you’re all excellent and haven’t been too cold in our belated winter weather!!!! Brrr!!!! Happy Wednesday folks!


So this is my first post as a university blogger- I can’t wait to let you all know about the exciting things that are happening on campus throughout the year!
I’m a second year media student studying Media: Film and Television and I’ll keep you posted on all the great happenings on my course and at the media department in general. Actually, today, in my Fact to Fiction lecture we were looking at Reality TV- lots of X-Factor talk let me tell you! I’d done the reading for the lecture last night and actually found this session really stimulating and interesting so I’ve been in a brilliant mood all day. ALSO, I’ve just joined the Radio Society and got to sit in for my friend today for a little while. My personal radio show will be starting next week so I will be keeping you up to date with that. But yeah, that’s a little information about my university experience today. I was also greeted by the ever friendly Edge Hill Ducks this morning which is always a fantastic way to start the day!
Will update you soon on more of the campus happenings and duck encounters!