Deadlines, Deadlines.

Yes, it is deadline city. But I’m actually doing alright! I did have to pull an all night-er on Thursday night- I just couldn’t get my brain to work!!! But it was okay in the end, and after speaking to my lecturer, she let me know that even if I had been a little late with submission it would have been fine. This is one of the great things I like about university!!! The support, and understanding here is brilliant, of course it only comes through if you are a dedicated student and actually show up to lectures, but still, if you try they help and it’s very comforting to know. Well I’ve got 3000 words to be cracking on with for Tuesday! (It’s actually less because I’ve written some of it but I always exaggerate, especially to my Mum so I can get lots of cups of teas and sweets brought to me. It’s my greatest tip to prospective students!!! :)) Hope you’re all doing okay at college too! Its to my understanding that you’ve all recently finished sorting out your student finance? Rest assured that, although you do have to reapply to an extent each year, you don’t have to deal with ALL of those forms :)!
Well, back to the land of work I go!

Yawn, yawn, yawn! Blackboard to the rescue!

I’m so tired, and unfortunately I’ve caught a nasty cold, so took a day off today. But! Luckily I haven’t really missed much as the wonderful technology that is Blackboard means that I can see the presentation slides for today’s lecture, and get a gist of what I’ve missed! Woo! So yes, I’m lay in bed sipping a cuppa soup reading about phenomenology < I don't know how to go about saying it mind! I'll let you know what it's all about once I've wrapped my head around it… Hope you're having brilliant Tuesdays!!!!!!!

Ahhh Saturdays…

I love Saturdays. I never work Saturday mornings or days so I am guaranteed a lie in- which I took full advantage of today. Had a brilliant night last night also; ventured into Liverpool with two friends for a Chinese all you can eat buffet at the cheeky price of just under £9, then moved onto a tequila bar….I didn’t have any! And then onto O’Neils (one of Liverpool’s finest Irish bars, which is funny as my friend who was out is Irish!) where we watched/listened to an amazing Irish band that played a bunch of absolute tunes- we literally sang the night away! Then we jumped on the last train back to Ormskirk and reflected on the hilarity of the evening which had started out as just a few drinks after Friday lecture. All in all in a very happy mood!!! So hope your weekends are going well and that you’ve all had lie ins today too 🙂

Just Another Manic Monday

Ha! Cheesy title to start the week, but a true one nevertheless. Yeah, today was fairly manic I guess…but motivational- a different ‘m’ word… erm. Well yeah anyway, it was a long but nice Monday. Had Digital Shorts module, went through film festivals with Owen who repeatedly told us to make weird films and submit them to festivals and pretty much to just DO IT! And then at 1:00 PM I had a meeting with a group called Artz Academy who do work with kids through the arts (haha), and can offer experience for young people like myself in helping with that work and being part of their team. It all sounds really interesting and I am more than glad I went to the meeting, came away feeling very excited and optimistic! I found the company at one of Edge Hills MANY, many, careers fairs by the way- always useful to swing by The Hub when one is happening to see who is about.

Anyway it’s bed time for me! Might watch Rizzoli and Isles before I do drop off though….would be rude not to….. ehem….


Thank goodness it’s Friday indeed! There’s nothing better than laying in bed on a Saturday morning really is there? No. That’s all I’m thinking about. Today’s a pretty nice day too: got Analysing Audiences 1-5, which is all about research methods- if any of you are doing sociology or business you get it! But it looks at methodologies in terms of media research so it is rather interesting… Then tonight I am going out with some friends for a well deserved drink! So all in all good times- only issue is I’m worried that if I stand still I’ll turn into an icicle! What is this weather???????

Currently Sat With My Head In A Book

The title says it all. Yep, I’m doing some good old book-worming! To any Matrix fans out there it’s a book called The Matrix Trilogy – Cyberpunk Reloaded… It links in VERY well to the module I’m doing called Spectacles, Bodies & Other Pleasures: Concepts in Television, Film & Animation. I’d describe to you what it’s about but a) I’m still getting my head around it a bit and b)…there’s a lot to say. I must give kudos though because this is an original course, created by a lecturer and is very, very interesting! So I will try and go into more detail over the coming weeks.

Some good news: I got my second 1st of the year! This coming from the girl who got mostly Cs and the occasional Bs during college and high school; anything is possible!

Happy Halloween/Hello Reading Week!

Yes! It is that grand old time of the term where we don’t have lectures and instead we get to catch up on notes, do a bit of reading- but, most importantly for me, watch films. I can say that, I’m a media student. But really I am going to watch films for educational purposes. Class discussions usually involve talking about different films and I’ve actually realised how many I haven’t seen. So part of this week is going to be spent watching a few new flicks. In fairness I do have a few assignments that I can be getting done and some reading is called for around my modules, but I am looking forward to this little break away from lectures to get my work straight and catch up on these films I’ve been missing out on.
Another good thing about reading week is that Tuesday night Screening is still on! Screening runs 6 until 8 at night (it is a bit of a late one) and pretty much we just watch whatever is relevant or interesting. All of the years and courses from the media department can attend the screening so sometimes it may focus on a different area that you haven’t been introduced to yet, which is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge in the media and see some material which you may not be used to. Screening also is a great opportunity for you to exhibit your own work and get a little feedback from your peers. There have been some amazing short films shown so far. This week I’ve requested a clip from the Mighty Boosh, because it makes me laugh, and our TV show production from last year is also being shown (I was a presenter, cringe!)
Also my radio show starts tomorrow at 3:30 I’m really excited. I’m on the chart show!
Well I better get going. Got lots of preparation to do for tonight’s Halloween antics! I love Halloween and Ormskirk, Edge Hill’s town, is going all out this year to give us a good night out!
Hope you’re well