Dissertation Week

I can’t honestly believe I am writing this post. Yep, I just finished dissertation week. This is where we cover the ins and outs of what I am calling dissertation-land. Word counts, structure, learning objectives, module outlines – it’s all there! I’m honestly a little worried, because for your dissertation you choose what you are going to write about and I just can’t settle on an idea. BUT, luckily, you are given a supervisor; someone is picked from the Media department to supervise you along your dissertation journey and they are the person you go to when you haven’t got a clue, like me! They’re still being assigned, so it’s a bit of a waiting game and in the meantime I am trying to narrow down my options for what I will write about! But when I know, you will too. How soon has this come around? Feels like yesterday I was walking onto the campus for the first time… Time flies!!!